These simple steps will help you to redeem benefits associated with your active, associate or FlexPass membership.


1. Reference the confirmation E-mail you received for your FlexPass purchase or Active Membership processing to determine your PATRON ID.

Save your confirmation E-mail or retain your Patron ID for future use.
To redeem admissions at the door (subject to seating availability), simply bring your confirmation E-mail or your Patron ID to the Box Office.  We'll do the rest.

If you prefer to purchase your tickets online in advance (highly recommended), continue:   

2. Visit our online Box Office at

3. Select the production you would like to see

4. Click [ORDER > ] next to the date that you wish to attend


5. Use the drop down menues to select the quantity (Qty) of tickets you'd like 

6. Select your delivery method (Print at Home or Will Call)

7. Click [ OKAY > ]  

8. Select [ REDEEM BENEFITS ] before entering your payment details

9. Enter your Patron ID, First Name, and Last Name

10. Click [ SEARCH ] or follow instructions provided to retrieve forgotten information


Your FlexPass or Membership information will appear.  If you have more than one, click on the drop down menu below Benefits to select a different membership. Review how many Admissions (Benefits) you have Remaining. 

11. Use the dropdown menu to apply as many as you'd like to your current order.  

12. Click [ APPLY BENEFITS > ]  

13.  Update your patron record with the fields highlighted in pink

Note: If you are purchasing more tickets than your Remaining admissions will cover, you will be required to enter payment details
14.  Click [ SUBMIT > ]  


15.  Enter your OPTIONAL donation

16.  Click [ CONTINUE > ] 

16. Review for completion. Click [ PAY TO VENDINI > ] 

That completes your order.  We are so thankful for your support! 

If you have any questions, please reach the Rhode Center box office at 


IF YOU PURCHASED FLEXPASS AS A GIFT:  What a great gift! Share these instructions with the recipient, or, contact the Rhode Center box office at to discuss other options.  We may be able to create a new patron record for your recipient and transfer your FlexPass to him or her.

IF YOU PURCHASED MORE THAN ONE:   You may have been assigned two seperate Patron ID numbers if you were not already in our patron records.  Check each confirmation E-mail to determine if you have differing Patron IDs.  If you would prefer to use the same Patron ID for your convenience, we are happy to make adjustments. 

If both FlexPass memberships are listed on the same account, you may have to select from multiple records (drop down menu) during check-out.

For more help, reach the box office at